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the sodium salt of amobarbital that is used as a barbiturate

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With frail patients, unaccustomed to psychiatric drugs, I start with small quantities, such as 60 mgm sodium amytal and 20 mgm methylphenidate.
Medical guidelines stated that sodium amytal, powerful sleeping pills, should be used to treat only "severe and intractable insomnia".
Lateralisation of memory functions in epileptic patients by use of the sodium amytal (Wada) technique.
In the trial, it was established that Ramona's daughter was told that a memory of abuse recovered under sodium amytal would be true.
Pre-and postprocedure teaching can be done by nursing staff with experience in intracarotid sodium amytal testing (WADA test),[14] depth electrodes and extraoperative cortical stimulation and language mapping.
After months of flashbacks, each more sexually explicit than the last, a depressed Holly finally demanded to take sodium amytal, a drug which Marche falsely described to her as a "truth serum.
The panel found he prescribed the woman, known as Patient A, sodium amytal "solely for the purpose of ending her life".
A GMC panel slated 61-year-old Glasgow GP Dr Iain Kerr's decision to dole out 30 sodium amytal pills as "inappropriate and irresponsible".
In later paragraphs they refer to the injection of the sodium amytal as a tranquilizer.
Psychiatrist Richard Rose, at a session in which she was given an injection of sodium amytal, a hypnotic drug, told her that any memories that arose during the session would be valid.
Dr Iain Kerr, 61, prescribed 30 sodium amytal pills to a retired businesswoman in 1998 after she told him she had considered suicide.