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the sodium salt of amobarbital that is used as a barbiturate

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He called it narco analysis but it was sodium amytal. They stripped me, put me in a white padded room.
With frail patients, unaccustomed to psychiatric drugs, I start with small quantities, such as 60 mgm sodium amytal and 20 mgm methylphenidate.
Medical guidelines stated that sodium amytal, powerful sleeping pills, should be used to treat only "severe and intractable insomnia".
She called this ruling "critical" because the facts of the case were "too bizarre to be believed." Between 1989 and 1992, Dudley administered dextromethorphan (a synthetic derivative of morphine) to Drummond and injected him with sodium amytal, a powerful and widely discredited sedative that renders patients suggestible.
Lateralisation of memory functions in epileptic patients by use of the sodium amytal (Wada) technique.
Sodium amytal (amobarbitol), the so-called truth serum, is a barbiturate.
Pre-and postprocedure teaching can be done by nursing staff with experience in intracarotid sodium amytal testing (WADA test),[14] depth electrodes and extraoperative cortical stimulation and language mapping.
After months of flashbacks, each more sexually explicit than the last, a depressed Holly finally demanded to take sodium amytal, a drug which Marche falsely described to her as a "truth serum." Under its influence, Holly avowed that not only had her father raped her but that his mother Garnet had been raped by Garnet's own brothers.
Dr Kerr also prescribed sodium amytal pills to five other elderly patients, despite the fact that four of them did not suffer from insomnia.
A GMC panel slated 61-year-old Glasgow GP Dr Iain Kerr's decision to dole out 30 sodium amytal pills as "inappropriate and irresponsible".
Still another set of potentially dangerous treatments is recovered memory techniques, which include the use of hypnosis, guided imagery, or so-called "truth serum" (typically sodium amytal) to unearth ostensibly long repressed memories of childhood trauma.
Obviously, I had no idea that all this sodium amytal at once would be fatal, I just thought it would put him to sleep very quickly, and then I could move him to the psychiatric ward as I had been instructed by the railway surgeon.