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a silvery soft waxy metallic element of the alkali metal group

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The cells were harvested by centrifugation, resuspended in 50mM sodium acetate buffer pH 6 and were lysed by sonication using ultrasonic processor (Sonics, Newtorn, USA).
Sodium acetate is the most recommended alkalizing agent in OES because it is rapidly metabolized increasing blood pH; facilitates the absorption of water and sodium in the jejunum; and does not interfere with the digestion of the milk in the abomasum (SEN et al.
Group 1 (control group) was given sodium acetate 10mg/kg body weight in the intraperitoneal injections whereas Group 2 (lead group) and Group 3 were given lead acetate 10mg/kg body weight by intraperitoneal injection, for six weeks.
Dialysis: After precipitation the excess salts in the enzyme solution was removed by the dialysis using 1mM sodium acetate buffer at a pH of 5.
Five isonitrogenous diets were formulated to contain different organic acid salts, which included the control (no added organic acid salt), sodium citrate, sodium acetate, sodium propionate, or sodium butyrate added at 2%.
Moreover, the addition of sodium acetate into the medium also promoted the growth of the two probiotic strains (data not shown).
4-t-butyl cyclohexanone, piperidine, paraformaldehyde, acetic acid, hydroxyl amine hydrochloride, sodium acetate, sodium bisulfite, potassium cyanide, diethyl ether and other chemicals were purchased from Merck chemical Co.
CA-PMMA membrane was placed in [beta]-galactosidase (15000 U) solution prepared in 100 mM sodium acetate buffer pH 4.
Merck Germany) sodium acetate potassium chloride boric acid ammonium acetate sodium bicarbonate sodium tetraborate sodium carbonate ammonium chloride and ammonia(25%) (Merck Germany) were used.
Na3, Fe(NO3)3, FeSO4, folic acid, glucose, H2Se03, HEPES, hypoxanthine, insulin human, KCI, linoleic acid, lipoic acid, MgC12, MnC12, MnSO4, myo-inositol, Na2HPO4, Na2Se03, Na2SiO3, NaC1, NaH2PO4, NaHCO3, sodium pyruvate, sodium acetate, NH4V03, NiC12, nicotinamide, phenol red, polysorbate 80, putrescine, putrescine 2HC1, pyridoxine HO, pyridoxal Ha, riboflavin, SnC12, thiamine HO, thymidine, vitamin B12 and ZnSO4.
Formic acid, sodium acetate and other reagents all with analytical grade were purchased from Beijing Chemical Reagent Company (Beijing, China).
Materials: Cold sodium acetate solution (see below), and a dish
First of all, sodium acetate is less toxic to fish and mammals than carbamide and its biochemical oxygen demand is lower than that of carbamide in the result of what it remains in the environment for a shorter time and its possibilities to be used for the decrease of ice melting temperature are lower.