sodium hydroxide

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a strongly alkaline caustic used in manufacturing soap and paper and aluminum and various sodium compounds

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Sample powder equivalent to 5mg of fluorometholone, flumazenil, flunitrazepam, flutamide, fluvastatin sodium hydrate, and fluprednidene acetate were each dissolved in 1.0 ml dimethylsulfoxide-[d.sub.6].
For a better comparison, several modification experiments with different immersed ions were done and we obtained the adsorption isotherms for different ion-modified bone charcoal in defluoridation, which is shown in Figure 3 (blank control group: bone charcoal immersed in saturated solution of sodium hydrate).
The next ones up on the scale are sodium hydrate (3.93 kJ/kg.K) and potassium hydrate (3.68 kJ/kg.K) and they are both highly caustic at room temperature.
16 January 2012 - Nobelpharma Co Ltd and Eisai Co Ltd (TYO:4523) announced on Monday plans to launch the anticonvulsant agent Fostoin 750 mg for Injection (fosphenytoin sodium hydrate, fostoin) on 17 January 2012 in Japan.