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Synonyms for soda

a sodium salt of carbonic acid

a sweet drink containing carbonated water and flavoring

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According to the company, these handcrafted sodas are offered in two options.
Now Marion Nestle (no relation to the Nestle food company), a nutritionist and professor of sociology and food systems at New York University, has written what she hopes will serve as a guide to effectively fighting the soda industry.
The research on diet soda and weight is far from conclusive.
99 you can purchase a 12-pack of soda featuring your specific photo labels for a special occasion, be it a graduation, birthday, anniversary, wedding, or whatever.
Has soda disappeared from your school's vending machines?
Natural sodas are meeting the growing market for soft drinks with reduced refined sugar content, offering many people a transition from or alternative to the mainstream drinks many of us have grown up on.
But scientist Roland Griffiths has another theory: Caffeine has addictive properties that may hook you to buy more soda.
Caffeine is a mildly addictive stimulant drug that's added to most cola and "pepper" drinks and some other sodas.
To test the cola theory, researchers led by reproductive endocrinologist Samuel Smith at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore assessed the effects of a popular diet cola on bone density in rats, reasoning that many women opt for such low-calorie sodas.
If we add tax," says Taylor, "people won't buy as many sodas as they used to.
Last month, an American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) report recommended that soda and other sweetened soft drinks be banned from schools to help fight the nation's childhood obesity epidemic (health crisis).