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a slot machine for selling goods

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To the dismay of nutritionists and public health experts, Miller reversed the department's ban on soda machines and deep fat fryers in mid-June as part of a new state nutrition policy calling for more local foods, community engagement and training to help schools serve meals that are "attractive and taste great.
Damon Carson has been in the "nostalgia restoration" business for three decades, but just expanded his focus from kiddie rides to soda machines this year.
All soda machines were replaced with with ones offering bottled water and natural juices.
D) Soda machines distract from a focus on academics.
School meals, snacks, soda machines, and the faulty economics of unhealthy eating are exposed.
Our style falls between unschooling and highly structured, so (in addition to academics) we enjoy crafts and fixing things like tree houses, soda machines, car transmissions and appliances.
In fact, I don't even like it when schools install candy and soda machines.
How we drift in the twilight of bus stations, how we shrink in overcoats as we sit, how we wait for the loudspeaker to tell us when the bus is leaving, how we bang on soda machines for lost silver, how bewildered we are at the vision of our own faces in white-lit bathroom mirrors.