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a house built of sod or adobe laid in horizontal courses

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Department of Agriculture and sod houses were still common on the prairie.
Dozens of photographs portray the many faces of nineteenth-century children and flavor the book with both whimsy and pathos: a boy rides a tiny wagon, driving a team of turkeys; a girl balances on stilts; an infant is propped up in its miniature coffin; and hopeful toddlers and world-weary teenagers peer at the camera in front of dreary sod houses or dusty fields.
A millennium ago, the Norse were building sod houses in Iceland, Greenland, and even at their only known North American outpost, in northern Newfoundland.
This lesson plan, based on the Arts and Entertainment documentary "Frontier Homes," consists of four segments which examine a style of historic dwelling built by settlers on the frontier: the post and beam structures built by English settlers in New England; the log houses constructed by pioneers on the forested frontier; sod houses erected on the prairies; and adobe houses crafted in the southwest.
And so to the sod houses site at http://websteader.
They built sod houses (see photo above) on the prairie and lived off the land.
As late as 1970, between 150 and 200 sod houses stood in Broken Bow in Custer County, Nebraska, the most recent having been built in 1940.
She includes the stories of endless trials and hard work, of course, but she also includes fiction and non fiction that reflects the fantasies of their authors, far apart from their experiences in the log cabins and sod houses of the pioneers.