Sod's Law

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humorous axiom stating that anything that can go wrong will go wrong


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Sod's Law because straight after the game Odemwingie confirmed what many have been fearing for a while - he DOES intend playing in the African Cup of Nations early in 2013.
It's Sod's Law, for instance, that if you plan a barbecue during the hottest summer since records began you will pick the day it thunderstorms.
A university lecturer unveiled a new formula yesterday to predict the likelihood of Sod's Law - but, thankfully, also revealed the key to avoiding its pitfalls.
Sod's law really but it would be nice to get another one this week.
Sod's law because the shameful cost of energy bills - up by 10 per cent on last year - is the biggest part of the cost of living crisis affecting hundreds of thousands of people.
It's Sod's Law really as I'd already made my plans, having brought her over after she won at Dundalk last month with Newcastle in mind.
I just think it is a little bit of sod's law really.
I don't like praising players too much because it's sod's law they have a fall," said Turner.
The only guarantee is that Sod's Law will apply so when, after ages of nothing, you receive two or three chances of a job in 48 hours, you will select the wrong one.
It's sod's law Stephen Elliott comes back and does that.
The Gretna boss sighed: "It's Sod's Law, annoying because I sensed there was a wee bit of momentum building on our part with a good win against Falkirk.
With sod's law more often than not it is the innocent bystander that could come off the worst.
Another stunning piece of work from academics at the Department for Stating the Blindingly Obvious, this time a formula for predicting the likelihood of Sod's Law.
Once I get my fitness level to that of a racing snake, he says, I should beware of boastful remarks for fear of invoking Sod's Law.