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a method of teaching by question and answer

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Some other Socratic questions that I have asked over the years include: "What is a credit'?
This reference for high school and up employs a Socratic question and answer approach, with many questions for students to discuss and debate in every chapter.
Rutherford begins with a chapter on the Socratic literature and the Socratic question.
The bulk of the essay is then occupied with an analysis of the dialogue, though there are supplementary discussions, whose arguments are both reasonable and familiar, of the Socratic question (Why is Socrates the main speaker?
In school I felt challenged by those teachers who asked the Socratic questions that probed the how and why of my thinking, making me work harder and question my assumptions on any given topic.
In examining the ontological status of Plato's Ideas or Forms, Ricoeur suggests it's important to set aside Aristotle's critique for the time being, to come to grips with the way Plato presents his own Socratic questions.