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a method of teaching by question and answer

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The over-use of the Socratic method may tend to encourage laziness on the part of both students and professors.
The Socratic Method can be an effective teaching tool, (20) but it need not be, and I believe should not be, used in a punitive manner.
The courses, which had no homework, used the Socratic method of question and answer, and students were apt to challenge their instructors.
The Socratic method works well with adult learners.
These texts introduce clearly and dramatically an approach to inquiry that bears the name of its chief proponent: the Socratic method.
In the former, we see her use of the Socratic method in group teaching as she cross-examines a class of students during an analysis of Schumann's Davidsbundlertanze.
The Langdellian Socratic method obscured significant issues.
By putting his own spin on the ancient, question-based Socratic method of teaching, Foster leads readers on a journey to inner truth, wisdom and intuition through self-dialogue designed to help readers create breakthroughs in every life area.
An eloquent bebop pianist, Marsalis also became a passionate teacher known for employing the Socratic method among his jazz students.
The Socratic method uses questions and follow-up questions to draw information out of students, rather than providing the information to them.
To exercise students' critical thinking skills, Angela uses the Socratic method with an emphasis on the nursing process and Maslow's hierarchy of needs.
That model features the use of groups of various sizes with facilitators; case studies, site visits, guest lecturers, and extensive readings; and the use of the Socratic method of inquiry and the application of analytical techniques to develop solutions to real-world, operational-level logistics problems.
Written by Christian apologist and author Dan Story, "The Christian Combat Manual" is intended to help practicing Christians counter this 'counter culture' influence utilizing the Socratic method of dialogue and inquiry, along with many other tools.
Armies are, in the end, armies, and they work a certain way because war is war and not an exercise in democracy or the Socratic method.
7) Reich, "Confusion about the Socratic Method," 75.