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a method of teaching by question and answer

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For example, the Socratic method is useful in breaking down established ideas and methods and replacing them with new ones.
The mentors use a process similar to the Socratic method. They do not tell mentees what they need to do, instead encouraging the companies to try to teach them how to be better.
case reading and briefing, legal analysis, self-regulated learning, Socratic method, etc.
It is called the Socratic method. Socrates didn't lecture his listeners, he asked them questions, which caused them to test their assumptions and consider alternative ways of looking at things.
Dangerous prisoners were taken through a series of philosophical problems to illustrate ideas such as Plato's ideal society, the Stoic philosophy of the Greeks and Romans, and the Socratic method of inquiry.
James Tucci follows with a fun Socratic dialogue that makes a strong case for the study of the classics, as well as for the Socratic method itself.
The Socratic method in law school involves a faculty member leading a conversation with the goal of arriving at the main principles of case law through a question and answer session, drilling down until the faculty member is satisfied that the student responding to the questions either (1) arrived at and understands the principle, or (2) is hopelessly lost and needs the assistance of a different student in the class.
Using the Socratic Method of teaching (asking questions to stimulate critical thinking), I was able to fully explore the underlying beliefs that shaped the students' views and opinions, which greatly facilitated my professional development.
But one defender of the Socratic method maintains that to prepare students for the rigors of having their work challenged by supervising lawyers, courts, and opposing counsel, they need to be pre-stressed, like strengthened concrete.)
It resembles the Socratic method, in that the questioning is orderly and intentional, to make learners go deeper into their own intellect, beyond the simple facts to interlinking relationships.
Scholars of philosophy discuss the Socratic method of philosophical inquiry from the perspectives of philosophical counseling, philosophy for children, philosophical walks, Socratic dialogue methods, Philo cafes, and contemplative philosophical practices.
This section will also identify some of the problems that beset approaches similar to EA like the Socratic Method.
Parks calls them "questions of consequence." Now clearly, not every college classroom is a likely space to engage Big Questions, but every discipline has some--they're at the heart of the Socratic method, the oldest tool for teaching critical thinking.
The essay first describes a certain neglected aspect of the Socratic method. Then, exploring the flipside of this aspect, it shows that despite the fact that both Socrates and Wittgenstein understand their philosophical approaches as being essentially directed at the particular problems and modes of understanding that are unique to single individuals, they nevertheless aspire to philosophical understanding of the more mundane kind that is directed at the world.
He turned the Socratic method into a collaborative dialogue.