Socratic method

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a method of teaching by question and answer

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We use the Socratic method here: 1 call on you, ask you a question, and you answer it.
It resembles the Socratic method, in that the questioning is orderly and intentional, to make learners go deeper into their own intellect, beyond the simple facts to interlinking relationships.
Master of Business Administration (MBA) classes often are conducted largely using the case method of teaching and rely heavily on the Socratic Method.
He turned the Socratic method into a collaborative dialogue.
I don't think he was trying to enter a "facilitated dialogue" with me or was practicing the Socratic Method.
Q What is the Socratic method and does it have any relevance to marketing?
Most likely, the audience for this novel will be those studying ancient Greece and the Socratic method.
Nationally, some faculty see them as a means to trim staff or as a betrayal of the face-to-face Socratic method of teaching.
On the other hand, there continue to be many critics and criticisms of the Socratic method.
This edition has three new chapters on self-image, psychoeducation, and the Socratic method as empowering for people with autism; discussion of components like denial of diagnosis; and more for younger children.
He taught the Aguado Method of Guitar, using the Socratic Method of pedagogical teaching.
Next, I offer a Freirian (2) critique of the evolution of the Socratic method into what I term "the pedagogy of the oppressor.
Before renovation, classrooms had inadequate acoustics and were not configured to support the Socratic method of teaching.
The Socratic method of offering your help through questions will aid the managing partner to see the value of your public relations expertise without thinking you're grabbing power.
A large part of this fascination is because of the enigma surrounding this literary-historical character (1), and which finds its embodiment in the Socratic Problem, the Socratic Method and Socratic irony.