Socratic method

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a method of teaching by question and answer

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If by half-time we're not doing any better, we'll declare our own state of emergency and complain of jet lag, go on strike and adjourn to the nearest bar for a Socratic discourse and some lemonades.
Action was the prime objective of this rhetoric, which like Socratic discourse used dialogue to lead to self-awareness as an individual and as a proselyte for the new theology of redemption through faith alone.
Howland reads the next dialogue in the sequence, fire Cratylus, as drawIng attention to this irreducible mixture of circling elenchos and erotic prophecy in Socratic discourse.
Indeed, O aldrabista combines social digest and political synopsis, historical retrospective and Michelin travel guide, even Socratic discourse and undeniable gibberish - all the while enveloped in a spontaneous atmosphere permeated by caricatured slapstick, erotic exuberance, mock-heroic observations, and endless wordplay around the usual esoteric fare of timeless legends, universal motifs, and familiar aphorisms.
Socratic discourse neither yields nor wills truth; it discovers or discerns or reveals truth, already-made by some other means.