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a wrench with a handle onto which sockets of different sizes can be fitted

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It also informed him that more information was needed as to the Tascam recorder, the socket set, and other items.
He said: "I started at 14 and, by 16, had saved up enough to buy a Britool socket set, and it has lasted me ever since.
If you purchase only one socket set for jobs such as vehicle maintenance or home improvement, buy a half-inch system.
Some SECMs (shop equipment, contact maintenance) were fielded with a standard length 3/8-in drive metric socket set that's wrong.
They can find out more about what men really want, like a new socket set or a book about sharks.
For instance, the 1940 Craftsman socket set was a huge improvement over the 1914 set.
2 Miss Zafonic 3 Filey Brigg 4 Socket Set 2l, hd, 11/2l
Tenders are invited for Supply of torque wrenches and socket set sq drives at beml, bangalore complex
A burglar entered an insecure integral garage and stole a dvd player and socket set.
Every DIYer needs a socket set, but sorting through the myriad of different sets can be confusing.
A chain saw, angle grinder, leaf blower and socket set were taken by the burglars who forced their way into Wingates Sawmill near Longhorsley between 10pm on Wednesday, July 11, and 7am the next morning.
They stole tools including a Draper socket set, a Ryobi chainsaw and a Clark generator before closing the garage and returning the car to its original position.
A CANNABIS farm was discovered when an overloaded plug socket set off a fire alarm.
8 Tighten up the bolts in the post using a spanner or socket set.