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an informal dance where popular music is played


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Recently our high school faculty sponsored a sock hop for Relay for Life.
The best ideas on this page are the flashback parties--a groovy '60s bash, '80s new wave party and '50s sock hop.
At this genetic sock hop, strands from genes active only in the workers failed to find a partner from genes active in the queen.
The sick Medicare patients don't go to the sock hop.
A two-day event complete with a 50s sock hop and square dancers at Ray's Sentry in Willits, Calif.
24 with a '50s sock hop attended by family and friends at Lanz Cabinets in Eugene.
Some of the events planned for this year include the official Cruisin' the Coast Collector Cars Auction hosted by Pete Vicari; special children's activities like the Kids Cruise-In at the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center; the Kid's Sock Hop in D'Iberville; the Welcoming Block Party at Hancock Bank Plaza in Gulfport; the kickoff parade in Long Beach; Poker Runs and Drag Racing; performances by Johnny Rivers, Little Richard, Chubby Checker, and Vince Vance and the Valiants; and appearances by Dennis Gage, host of the nationally syndicated talk show "My Classic Car.
For an entire weekend, die grocer ran activities to raise money for the charity, including a pajama party, a sock hop and a moonlight sale.
com)-- On February 12, Birches residents came together for milkshakes and music during the Birches Assisted Living's first 1950s-themed Sock Hop.
Other Social Week activities include an old fashioned Sock Hop with musical entertainment provided by singer Kym Frankovelgia, a resident-run happy hour and a ballroom dancing lesson.
During the second week of February, the Birches community will gather together for Mardi Gras entertainment and a parade, learn how to ballroom dance and participate in an old fashioned Sock Hop headlined by singer Kym Frankovelgia.
The March episode also includes segments on the GCTV Video Production Course starting on March 24, the Grafton Breast Cancer Awareness Program using pink-colored recycling bins, and an interview with Pam Jones of the Grafton Historical Society about the organization's March 15 Sock Hop.