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someone with a sociopathic personality

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He appeared to be all over the spectrum: Psychopaths are meticulous, and he allegedly criticized his followers for being sloppy after some of their murders; meanwhile sociopaths are said to (http://www.
A sociopath can be defined as a person who has Antisocial Personality Disorder.
Other notorious historical sociopaths include Stalin, Rasputin and Pol Pot of Cambodia.
Sociopaths are masters of weaving elaborate lies to cover their crimes.
He explosively claimed that as many as 3% of adults are sociopaths, but they PSYCHOPATHS are difficult to pick out because they are generally well-liked and competent.
The blog offer more example of well-known sociopaths and advice for staying clear of manipulative people.
There are many different "types" of sociopaths, but I am going to focus on recovery from the love, or romantic sociopath-predator relationship.
Concealed in its puppet-theater plot is a Jewish joke: Don Juan exists to prove by construction that a devout Christian can be a sociopath, and by extension, that the Christian world can be ruled by sociopaths.
Since sociopaths are incapable of empathy, Cleaver's not sure how he feels about the attention of the popular and pretty Marci Jensen, who is keen to help poke around for clues.
It is also hoped that none of these representatives are sociopaths, have dubious nocturnal habits, dubious politics or questionable ways of making a living.
In her often fascinating little book The Sociopath Next Door, Martha Stout, a clinical psychologist, discusses sociopathy and conscience, including composite sketches of sociopaths she has come across in her career.
She apparently has spent her life studying and working with sociopaths, psychopaths and their victims.
This father in Sheffield is said to be one of the most calculating sociopaths social workers have ever come across and constantly moved his family from village to village to avoid detection.
At last, the raving sociopaths of the world are saved