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position in a social hierarchy

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More specifically, we aim to evaluate whether the low socioeconomic status and higher frequency of the disease are associated with higher prevalence of self-reported disability between the adult and elderly individuals living in an urban center.
Previous research already has established worse birth outcomes in women with psychosocial risk factors, including low socioeconomic status.
A recent study indicated, that the occurrence of dental caries was low in 1-5 years old preschool children of high socioeconomic status.
Subjects of low socioeconomic status experienced an increase in dementia risk very similar to those with high LIBRA scores.
Conclusion: It is concluded that depression is common in male and female university students belonging to different socioeconomic status in Karachi, Pakistan.
As the socioeconomic status improve the incidence of anaemia decreases in this study.
This study attempts to find out age at menarche and its relation with nutritional status and socioeconomic status among adolescent school girls.
This result shows clearly that there is shifting of cases from superior IQ group to average and below average IQ groups as the socioeconomic status declined.
Although working long hours is unlikely to increase diabetes risk in everyone, health professionals should be aware that it is associated with a significantly increased risk in people doing low socioeconomic status jobs.
The evidence for an effect of low socioeconomic status on people predisposed to obesity is both predictable and consistent in the higher income countries across a number of cross-sectional and longitudinal studies (23).
For girls, middle and low socioeconomic status was associated with a lower likelihood of returning to a healthy body weight.
An analysis of a large nationwide dataset finds that regardless of their socioeconomic status, black women were nearly twice as likely as white women to be diagnosed with triple-negative (TN) breast cancer, a subtype that has a poorer prognosis.
This paper is going to unravel intricate pathway between socioeconomic status and academic achievement.
Analysis did not find any relationship between green school implementation and school building age, school ethnicity and socioeconomic status of school communities.
SOCIOECONOMIC STATUS IS one of the most reliable predictors of health disparities, with people from low socioeconomic status usually experiencing poorer health than their high socioeconomic status counterparts (Godley and McLaren 2010; Haas 2008; O'Rand and Hamil-Luker 2005; Wickrama et al.