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position in a social hierarchy

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"These are the areas we'll be focusing on to determine if DNA methylation is indeed an important mechanism through which socioeconomic status can leave a lasting molecular imprint on the body, with implications for health later in life," McDade said.
Hypothesis 3: The benevolence--dependability value of individuals of higher socioeconomic status will not significantly predict individuals' subjective value of their intertemporal choice.
This final model concluded that 56 percent of of the risk imposed by low socioeconomic status was actually attributable to LIBRA scores.
"When people are facing low socioeconomic status, they may feel deprived, which in turn make them take an adaptive response to seize and exploit other resources for survival.
(2011) that higher socioeconomic status relates to larger and denser networks but not networks with more clusters so they concluded that socioeconomic status is not that much important to build new networks but it is certainly helpful to maintain existed networks.
Composition of the socioeconomic status index: latent variable estimated as a construct and operationalized by the combination of three manifest variables: family income, mother and respondent schooling.
A recent study indicated, that the occurrence of dental caries was low in 1-5 years old preschool children of high socioeconomic status.7-8 Several other surveys exhibited variable occurrences of dental caries in 3-5 years age group.
This final model concluded that 56% of the risk imposed by low socioeconomic status was actually attributable to LIBRA scores.
In both Queensland and Victoria, low socioeconomic status areas were two and a half times more likely to be persistent hotspots than all areas, on average, and about 10 times more likely than high socioeconomic status areas.
Center for Epidemiological Studies Scale for Depression was used to screen out the level of depression and demographic form was used for Gender and Socioeconomic status.
All of them concluded in their studies that the high prevalence of maternal anaemia was strongly associated with low socioeconomic status. Keeping these facts in view the present study was conducted in this tertiary care hospital as cases from all the strata of the society come here.
Objective: To find out age at menarche and its relation with nutritional status and socioeconomic status among adolescent school girls.
Until the year 1990, more than 40 million children in 26 countries born each year were at some risk of mental impairment caused by iodine deficiency in their mother's diet.I2I Widespread survey of nutritional status of the population in the backward districts of our states has revealed that the prevalence rate of malnutrition ranges between 54.5% and 57.6% in different groups of socioeconomic status. [4] Prevalence of nutritional anemias is widely spread in lower socioeconomic groups of people, particularly in females and children.