cultural anthropology

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the branch of anthropology that deals with human culture and society

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In A Post-Communist Millenium: the Struggles for Sociocultural Anthropology in Central and Eastern Europe, edited by Peter Skalnik, 147-165.
While the essays in Everyday Life in Southeast Asia do not explicitly adopt a common disciplinary perspective, the book is largely situated within the American tradition of sociocultural anthropology.
Bret Gustafson, professor of sociocultural anthropology at Washington University in St.
John Bowen, professor of sociocultural anthropology at Washington University, said he is struck by how mundane the show is, even boring.
He graduated from UCLA with a bachelor's degree in sociocultural anthropology and history, and earned an associate degree with honors in history from Orange Coast College (Calif.
linguistics and archaeology: "Perhaps the most striking result of this movement toward the semiotic, in both linguistic and sociocultural anthropology, is the way it has helped to overcome an entrenched (and not particularly useful) division between idealist or symbolic approaches and more materialist forms of analysis" (Merz 2007: 344).
of Notre Dame, US) bring together contributors from biological anthropology, medical anthropology, epidemiology, archaeology, human biology, sociocultural anthropology, and public health for an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural exploration of the relationship between health risks and adversity, defined as social or physical environments that create hardship or affliction.