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position in a social hierarchy

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London: Facebook has filed a patent application for a technology that will automatically detect the users' socio-economic status and segregate them in one of three classes -- working class, middle class or upper class.
DOST-SEI Merit scholars will also receive the same benefits as the RA 7687 scholars except for a pro-rated monthly stipend depending on the familys socio-economic status.
Research related to the socio-economic status and study habits of students from secondary schools in Pakistan, has not been conducted yet.
As the authors of the study were concerned with the differences between certain subgroups, with a main focus on differences in socio-economic status, there is one central confounding variable that was never addressed;It has been noted that breastfeeding may help decrease the incidence of gastroenteritis in children aged 0-12 months or at least delay contraction of the virus until later in life.
Higher education levels are linked to higher socio-economic status and both are linked to improved longevity, according to Hall and Peterson.
Usually middle, upper middle and upper socio-economic status individuals get admission in universities for higher education.
Out of 250 cases 198 cases (79%) were from low socio-economic status, 48 cases (19%) were from middle socio-economic status and 4 cases (2%) were from upper socioeconomic status.
Whereas eight in 10 adults in these socio-economic status groups say they drink, only about half of lower-income Americans and those with a high school diploma or less say they drink.
Objective: The purpose of this study was to explore the manifestation of anxiety across gender age and socio-economic status in school and college going children and adolescents.
Scheduled Castes (SCs) in India: Socio-Economic Status and Empowerment Policies
Sample was divided into 2 groups on the basis of socio-economic status.
PESHAWAR -- In order to improve the socio-economic status of small growers, the district administrations of Upper and Lower Dir distributed free agricultural inputs including certified wheat & fodder seeds and quality fertilizers among 3410 small growers.
Cohort size and socio-economic status were found to be strongly correlated with physics success, while sex was not found to have a significant correlation with achievement.
The higher rates for nontraditional parent families were observed even after the researchers accounted for factors associated with childhood obesity, including diet, physical activity and socio-economic status.
The data indicated that the prevalence for asthma overall, regardless of gender, age, socio-economic status, and other such factors, was lower in urban Aboriginal children than the Canadian average.
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