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Tables 2 and 3 contain the results concerning Gini index decomposition by socio-economic groups.
Out-of-pocket expenditure was then compared for different socio-economic groups of the patients, utilising the following proxy indicators: (36,37) 24 related to household ownership of consumer durables (ear, mat, mobile phone, refrigerator, and television) and 19 related to household dwelling (main source of drinking water, main source of lighting and toilet facilities).
The incidence of diarrhoea in low and poor socio-economic group was higher 17.
The report added the poorer health status of those in lower socio-economic groups is linked as much to their age as to other factors.
Mr Vos will add: "I passionately believe the professions in general, and the Bar in particular, must be accessible to the most able candidates from any background, whatever their race, gender, or socio-economic group.
Research released today by Callcredit Information Group reveal that less than a third of the socio-economic group Business Elite use a banking app on their smartphone.
Global and local companies increasingly see the market potential of people in the poorest socio-economic group, and they are looking for solutions to bring them affordable, quality products and services, said Jingdong Hua, IFC Vice President and Treasurer.
Higher socio-economic group was one of the main factors associated with sleeping at work, along with being employed on night shifts.
It has an impact on industrial growth, on commercial activity and tourism, as well as on the daily lives of citizens in all neighborhoods, whichever socio-economic group they come from.
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