cultural anthropology

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the branch of anthropology that deals with human culture and society

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This endeavour, the connection between the micro-level of everyday life and the macro-level of transnational connections, remains one of the core theoretical focuses of contemporary socio-cultural anthropology.
The contributions cut across disciplines, but the most represented is socio-cultural anthropology.
Harp's applications of aerial photography had a wide impact on socio-cultural anthropology as well as on archaeology but failed to become a standard tool, in those "pre-Google Earth" days, because of the cost of obtaining suitable imagery.
Articles are included on linguistics and communication, socio-cultural anthropology, and archaeology.
The approach is basically that of socio-cultural anthropology, from which the observational techniques used in market and social research have been developed.
Alas, the forces separating biological from socio-cultural anthropology have been strong, and I see this as one of the major problems which the discipline as a whole faces, though a few individuals such as Tim Ingold of the University of Aberdeen, and Georges Guille-Escuret, guest-editor of the present issue of Diogenes, and Robin Fox of Rutgers University are fighting to maintain a measure of unity.