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an adherent of the teachings of Socinus

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28) This language clearly separated Baptists from their Socinian and Unitarian compatriots, but even that does not explain the whole story.
Lieb notes Milton's hermeneutical affinities with Socinians while demonstrating Milton's doctrinal differences from them, especially with respect to atonement: "Milton endorses the doctrine of satisfaction throughout his poetry" (329).
In terms of extending toleration to various Protestants and allowing people to follow their consciences in matters of religion, Socinians again helped formed the limits of debate when all parties agreed that outright heresy--such as denial of the Trinity--was not to be accepted in any incarnation of the English Church.
They may incidentally have had contact also with German Reformed, Dutch Roman Catholics, Polish Socinians, and German, Scandinavian, and Dutch Lutherans.
Stoll does not say Milton is a Socinian, but wishes to use his "proximity to Socinian thought [which] is palpable" to show how they "share the label of monotheist" (190).
For a long time Catholics, schismatic Greeks, Protestants and Socinians lived as brothers in a society that was truly Christian because it was truly tolerant.
Noted Oxford professor of historical theology Alister McGrath has undertaken the daunting task of telling the story of Protestantism, including all its denominations from Anglicans to anti-Trinitarian Socinians, from the beginning up to the present day.
If churches and ministers could agree with Jefferson that the Christian life required strict morality, they dissented from the view that morality was sufficient for salvation as Socinians [Unitarians] and Deists were said to believe.
In the 1640s and 1650s, his "residual conservatism" led him to condemn Baptists, Quakers, Ranters, Seekers, Socinians, and other sectarian Puritans who in his estimation had broken with "centuries of Christian consensus" (252).
The Socinians, or Polish Fathers, radical Reformers who were among the first to practise Christian toleration of other Christian believers, were also open-minded to Islam.
These objections are those that the Diests and the Socinians have already made against our necessary submission to the faith and against the captivity of reason under the empire of revelation.
Great as is the difference between the gnostics, Marcion, the Socinians, the English deists among themselves, and however wide a gap may yawn between all these and Spinoza, there is one element which all of them have in common: a revulsion against the jealous God of Wrath shown in Scripture, in favor of the God of Love.
I here enclose you three copies of a small work, (one for yourself, one for Mr Wordsworth, and one for Mr De Quincey, with my respects) which occupied my last year's long evenings, to the writing of which I was le[a]d by the outrageous language of the Socinians in this place who have manifested a more acrimonious & intolerant spirit than usual, alike against Church and Dissent; (distinctions which are nothing in my estimation) involving all in one general proscription, with the exception of their own little knot of outcasts from the Christian Faith.
For example, his genealogy of Unitarianism is so vague as to be inaccurate (Channing was not directly heir to the Socinians, but rather an interlocutor-translator of post-Calvinist Deism).
Socinianism, the Unitarian theology of which Priestley became the champion during the early 1780s, stressed the complete humanity of Christ; Socinians believed in his divine mission but not in his divine nature.
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