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an adherent of the teachings of Socinus

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In Mortimer's reading, Socinianism was behind almost all English political and theological debates, even if those involved in the debates did not acknowledge this.
Dzelzainis continues the investigation of Socinianism, also touched on instructively by von Maltzahn.
From the July 2002 Socinianism and Cultural Exchange symposium, held in Munich, 11 papers highlight the relationship of anti- Trinitarianism to liberal currents in reformed Protestantism, namely Dutch Remonstrants, some of the French Huguenots, and English Latitudinarians.
20) Joseph Cottle, Essay in Reference to Socinianism (London: Longman and Co.
Epicureanism, socinianism, and deism featured with increasing prominence, reason and religion were harmonized by Locke and others, there was less talk of the devil, less witch-hunting, and economic arguments in favor of religious toleration were unashamedly paraded.
It does not matter whether one scrutinizes Pope's "School Divine" or William Empson's wicked dictator of Paradise Lost, or attempts to ascertain the exact quality of Milton's Arianism, Sabellianism, Socinianism, or general rejection of Nicene Trinitarianism in De Doctrina Christiana, the problems are apparent.
Although Locke was probably not a Socinian, he surely had many affinities with Socinianism.
He asserted that Calvinist ministers must maintain orthodoxy and that the State should carry out the wishes of the clergy to extirpate heresy, including Arminianism and its relative (in his view), Socinianism.
He has four centers of interest: social ethics; ecclesiastical affairs; resistance theory (the Second Treatise is treated primarily in this connection, and a dating of 1682 or 1683 suggested); and revealed theology, primarily in relation to Socinianism.
John McLachlan, Socinianism in Seventeenth-Century England, (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1951), p.
Those of his successors who assert their own versions of Socinianism may not emerge as so fortunate.
In his journey towards Anglicanism, a constellation of related shifts appeared in his thinking: from Socinianism to Trinitarianism, from confidence in perfectibility to a need for redemption, and, crucially, from a view that evil is actually part of divine benevolence to an acceptance of original sin.
And this general reasoning had one chief target--Conrad Vorstius, the Remonstrant sympathizer who in 1610 was appointed professor as successor to Jacobus Arminius and who was accused of Socinianism.
A less known or even a neglected sector of Leibniz's writings is carefully studied and the picture emerges of a sincere Christian theologian who upheld the reasonableness of the faith but also rejected Socinianism and attempts to do away with the doctrine of the Incarnation.
Though Stoll joins Maurice Kelley in enlisting Milton in the Arian camp with some affinity with Socinianism as well (189), he prefers the term "monotheism" over "Socinianism or Arianism," for explicating "Milton's Antitrinitarian positions," because the term is less contentious and "more structural and descriptive" (8).
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