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a Christian sect founded by George Fox about 1660

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The meeting explored aspects of cooperation between the Council of Representatives and the Society of Friends of the Environment and also explored policies, strategies and means of spreading environmental awareness in the community.
From Peace to Freedom is essential to understanding the origins and impact of antislavery thought in the Society of Friends.
Finally, and perhaps most troubling, was the absence of consensus within the Society of Friends about the need for, or even the efficacy of, bringing blacks and other minorities into the mainstream of American society.
Within the Society of Friends, there is a keen desire to recognize and honor the particular orientation towards the faith community of each member.
William's own heart was stirred, and he began attending regular meetings of the Society of Friends.
A memorial service with the Worcester Society of Friends will be scheduled soon.
Some 1,200 Quakers, officially known as the Religious Society of Friends, also demanded at their annual meeting in York, England, that the British government recognize same-sex unions as valid.
The Quaker church, also known as the Religious Society of Friends, already offers religious blessings to couples in civil partnerships.
of Strathclyde) describes and analyzes the social history of the Society of Friends during a period of significant change for most if not all churches in Scotland and throughout Britain.
This carefully focused study augments prior scholarship on early modern women writers and on the copiously publishing Society of Friends.
They include the Society of Friends Church at Hartshill, which was inspired by George Fox, the founder of the Quaker movement who was born in nearby Fenny Drayton in 1624.
As a member of the Society of Friends, he trained as a medical orderly and served during the Second World War.
Vern Rossman graduated from Yale Divinity School in 1951, became ordained as a Disciples of Christ minister, later left that church to join the Society of Friends (Quakers), and is today a Humanist.
Football's top man is a former president of the Worldwide Society of Friends of Suspenders and has been invited to the Pavilion Theatre as guest of honour.
This Religious Society of Friends espoused the principles of equality and nonviolence but frowned upon artistic ventures as too worldly.
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