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Synonyms for homophile

of, relating to, or having a sexual orientation to members of one's own sex

Synonyms for homophile

homosexual or arousing homosexual desires


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Even the key pro-gay cases (Norton and Society for Individual Rights, Inc.
The Civil Service Commission fought implementation of the Norton decision for years, but its change in regulations in response to Society for Individual Rights, Inc.
In the four decades since World War II gay organizations have risen and fallen, some supplanting others--the Mattachine Society, Daughters of Bilitis, Society for Individual Rights (SIR), Council on Religion and the Homosexual, Gay Liberation Front (GLF), Gay Activists Alliance (GAA) Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (P-FLAG), National Gay Task Force (NGTF, later NGLTF), Queer Nation, and AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (Act Up).
Before daybreak on July 12, Jim Foster of San Francisco's Society for Individual Rights and Madeline Davis of Buffalo, N.
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