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a socially prominent person

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This new book contains letters from James to four young men in particular: the sculptor Hendrik Andersen (1872-1940), society figure Jocelyn Persse (1873-1943), and the writers Howard Sturgis (1855-1920) and Sir Hugh Walpole (1884-1941).
This is because Seaman has set himself up as some sort of ludicrous ``huntin' and shootin''' society figure, his head seemingly turned by getting a standing ovation in the Royal Box at Wimbledon after Euro 96.
The six-story townhouse, represented by Paula Del Nunzio of Brown, Harris, Stevens, was designed by Schickel & Ditmars and completed in 1900 by Albert Jennings, a society figure, investor and avid golfer who lived there with his family.
What people perhaps don't realize is that despite her public persona-celebrity, society figure, columnist, TV and social media personality-Tessa is first and foremost a mother to four kids aged 32 to 12.
The promo features the seduction and murder of a society figure.
Membership also increased by 132 to 2,487 full members, a record society figure and a total rise for the fourth year in a row.
FRUSTRATED by her rigid corset, society figure Madamme Cadulle cut away the midriff to create the first separate support.
Most of them end up resorting to the assistance of independent people, such as society figure Heba Elsewedy .
Then she fell in love with another explorer, Andrew Linton, who happens to be engaged to a society figure.
Society figure Moseley - who is MacGuigan's step-father - tried to force them to end the relationship, then ordered the murder.
Adly gave statements about me to Al-Mesreyoon online newspaper," Sha'ban said, referring to a news story published on Tuesday, which quoted tweets critical of a case Sha'ba filed against popular society figure, Heba Al-Swedy.
Sha'ban accused the manager of New Al-Qasr Al-Eini Teaching Hospital Amr Gad, ex-head of the revolutionary patients' fund Hosny Saber and society figure Heba Al-Swedy of confiscating public money.
London-born Naomi, wearing a Norah Batty-style headsquare to protect her from the sun - but nothing to protect her modesty - laughed and smiled on the arm of the leading Italian society figure.
The delegation, which consists of civil society figures, former ambassadors, military personnel and researchers in international relations, also met NHRC Chairman Dr Ali bin Smaikh al Marri.
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