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an island group of French Polynesia in the South Pacific to the east of Samoa

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born time of sampling, (range), y or arrived in French location of sampling Polynesia before 1982 (% [95% CI]) General population February-March 2014 Society Islands 47 (13-77) 9/29 (31 [14-48]) Tuamotu Islands 39 (7-86) 6/28 (21 [6-37]) Marquesas Islands 45 (10-82) 15/32 (47 [30-64]) Austral-Gambier 38 (7-84) 15/26 (58 [39-77]) Islands Total 41 (7-86) 45/115 (39 [30-48]) September-November 2015 Society Islands 43 (4-88) 77/397 (19 [16-23]) Schoolchildren May-June 2014 Society Islands 11 (6-16) 0 Sampled population, No.
The Society Islands are part of an expansive cultural region that also includes Hawaii, Samoa, Fiji, and New Zealand.
Hawaii, Easter Island, the Marquesas Islands, the Society Islands, the Seychelles, and the Chagos Archipelago.
Even in the 1970s, most tifaifai made in the Society Islands were applique style.
Some of the popular itineraries that the company is offering include Tahiti & the Society Islands, Fiji, Tonga, Cook & Society Islands and Marquesas, Tuamotus & Society Islands.
The deal is valid for a 7-night Tahiti and the Society Islands trip, an 11-night Cook Islands and Society Islands sailing, or a 14-night Marquesas, Tuamotus and Society Islands voyage.
Paul Gauguin Cruises is offering savings of $700 to $2,500 per person and free airfare from Los Angeles to vacationers who book the companyOs Tahiti and the Society Islands voyages between May 7 and May 19, 2012.
The quality and detail of Thomas's coverage are especially notable for the following: missionary efforts and their ultimate success in most islands, thickly described for Polynesia; the construction of popular Western images of the Pacific through the voyages and writing of explorers, like James Cook and Jules Dumont d'Urville; the British annexation of Fiji and its historical effects; the impact of firearms, which not only upset former relations between islanders, but on Tahiti and Hawai'i resulted in one chief conquering large regions; France's colonization of the Society Islands, the Marquesas, and New Caledonia; and the story of Rapa Nui ("Easter Island"), including the horrible effects of diseases and forced labor (blackbirding) in Peru in mines and on plantations.
In October, 1819, the Austral Island of Ra'ivavae, south of Tahiti, was visited by Pomare who was by now seeking to extend his political and ritual authority beyond the Society Islands.
The chronology of the 124/125 complex strongly supports the hypothesis that materialization of religious rituals and ideology was rapidly elaborated in the Society Islands as elites vied for political control in late prehistory.
Examples of recipes include Sweet Scones from Scotland, peanut butter soup from Ghana, Cowboy Steak from Argentina, and Tropical Fruit Sensation from the Society Islands, to name just a few.
The earliest phase of the region's colonisation was in the Society Islands (AD 1025-1120, four centuries later than previously assumed) and the colonisation of all remaining islands, including New Zealand, Hawaii and Easter Island, occurred between 70 and 265 years later.
Along the way, the ship will pay a rare visit to the Kingdom of Tonga, sail to the Cook Islands where inhabitants preserve their traditional culture through song and dance, and sail the azure waters of the Society Islands.
The lavishly illustrated exhibits are divided into sections dealing with the personnel, the ships and their destinations, from the Society Islands through to the decisive moment where Cook met his fate on a beach in Hawaii.
He returned to the Society Islands on Cook's third voyage, arriving in August 1777.
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