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Synonyms for socialism

Synonyms for socialism

a political theory advocating state ownership of industry

an economic system based on state ownership of capital

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Thus, the special status of the Kibbutzim in the Israeli society, their socialist ideology, the sometimes arrogant behaviour of some of their leaders towards the 'underprivileged' new immigrants -- alienated large segments of the general public.
Wise management would replace socialist ideology, redress inexperience, and curb wasteful Arab land and water practices.
Neither the collapse of the Soviet empire nor the eclipse of socialist ideology has really diminished the fervency of the left.
Stephen Brooke's new volume is a welcome attempt to re-evaluate the war's impact on Labour by focusing on socialist ideology, the detailed development of policy in education, health, welfare, the economy, and the response of the party outside the cabinet Brook argues that the wartime mood of consensus was much less pervasive or binding on Labour than has been thought; he emphasizes how much the party believed that it was sacrificing by acquiescing in the coalition government and the party truce, and he attempts to bring out the distinctiveness of Labour's approach to policy issues.
How much, if at all, does political system really matter in executing reform, in the face of socialist ideology, the expectations and commitments it fosters, the institutions that execute it, and the interests that become attached to it?
It is commonplace that socialist ideology in practice led to the reinforcement of state structures.
He alleged Manjhi was not a socialist and that he was only trying to use socialist ideology just for political gains.
Despite his socialist ideology, Chavez began his first term with relatively moderate economic policies, keeping in place many of the country's capitalistic institutions and deferring to global organizations like the International Monetary Fund for economic advice.
The papers are organized into three thematic sections focusing on the role of the state and socialist ideology in formulating tourism policy, the relation of tourism to the Yugoslav population's perceptions of rising standards of living and the idea of Yugoslavia as a "third way" for socialism, and the evolving economics of tourism and the tourism industry.
Clearly, her idolatry and love for Benito is more than matched by his love for socialist ideology.
In 1989, liberal democracy triumphed over the socialist ideology incarnated and promoted by the Soviet bloc.
Classic Labour" is a thing of the past because he has no socialist ideology for the future of Wales.
The chartists, they argued, broke with old traditions of popular radicalism to inaugurate the history of a working class movement progressing towards a mature socialist ideology.
The PQ's socialist ideology does not approve of non-conforming "elites" (L'Informateur Catholique, June '97).
The essays range from a treatment of the commercialization of culture in Imperial Germany, to the organization of National Socialist ideology, and finally to the reunification of Germany and its aftermath.
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