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Synonyms for socialism

Synonyms for socialism

a political theory advocating state ownership of industry

an economic system based on state ownership of capital

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Right-wingers dream of a religious, Slav-dominated Poland, conservative and immune to foreign influence, while leftist cling to various anarchist and socialist ideologies but are united by an opposition to white nationalism.
The book, divided into a rive-page introduction followed by four chapters and a two-page conclusion, weaves together an analysis of Testut's fictional Le Vieux Salomon, his Reconstruction newspaper L'Equite, and his Masonic and socialist ideologies.
He opposed National Socialist ideologies that made reason relative to race.
Likewise, Cambodia and Laos would have provided fruitful contrasts and parallels to the unpredictable relations among communist and socialist ideologies and Shakespeare that the volume aims to address.
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