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an economic system based on state ownership of capital

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He lucidly exposits the simple and intuitively appealing basis for socialist economics and social engineering, and proceeds to show the difficulties it leads to.
Even socialist economics has been discarded whenever it has been possible to do so in a free society.
The way our nation dealt with the 1920-1921 depression isn't discussed by today's economists, at least the vast majority who are captives to Keynesian socialist economics.
He then draws on the work of Janos Kornai (1980), who argued that shortages, rather than acting as a brake, encouraged expansion in socialist economics, and on Caroline Humphrey's (1983) observations about the criticality of bargaining and allocative power to the everyday operations of socialist economies, to examine labour shortages and bargaining power in the context of Katonga's collective farm economy.
The Structure of Soviet Wages: A Study in Socialist Economics (Cambridge, Mass,: Harvard University Press, 1944).
Gerhard Schroeder leads Germany with a stagflationary combination of socialist economics and old-school America baiting.
Corresponding with their exchange of Christian orthodoxy for moral uplift and socialist economics, the formerly evangelical churches seemed to become increasingly irrelevant to a majority of Welsh; and once the struggle for the Welsh language moved solidly into the political sphere beginning in the early 1960s, the churches were no longer the language's main citadels.
The general consensus among economists is that Vietnam is heading for a slump unless the government takes on the remaining bastions of socialist economics.
It is helpful to recall the debate on socialist economics from the early warnings of Ludwig von Mises and Havek to the later analyses of Yugoslav and Hungarian market socialism by Svetozar Pejovich or Janos Kornai.
From this emerges a clear understanding of what went wrong with the Soviet and Eastern European management of their economies, and a way forward for socialist economics that avoids both wishful thinking about socialism, and fatalism about capitalism and its institutions.
Thborstein Veblen, "The Socialist Economics of Karl Marx," Quarterly Journal of Economics, 20, August 1906, pp.
Within a few years, France faced a major challenge when President FranE*ois Mitterrand's experiment in radical socialist economics collapsed in 1983.
Nobody in his right mind would claim that capitalism is perfect but it is far superior to socialist economics.
In his PhD dissertation, The Structure of Soviet Wages: A Study in Socialist Economics (1944), Bergson established first that under socialism, as distinct from communism, Marxian doctrine called for pay according to work done, basically not different than under a market system.
It has held even though, of Nehru's four major legacies to India--democratic institution building, fiercely committed secularism, socialist economics and nonalignment--the first two have seemed under siege and the other two seem increasingly irrelevant.
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