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a political party in the United States formed in 1900 to advocate socialism

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The Socialist Party is part of the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC), which has stood candidates in local and national elections in opposition to candidates from other parties including Labour.
The TUSC stood candidates in 135 constituencies in the 2015 general election and the Socialist Party website ran an article before polling day attacking Labour and its then Ed Miliband.
Unfortunately, we haven't been able to arrange a meeting to discuss the Socialist Party affiliating to Labour, as do bodies such as the Co-Operative Party, which then gives dual membership.
The Frontline Socialist Party launched a series of protests last year demanding Sri Lankan citizenship for its leader.
Fruit of a year of negotiations, "the congress is a means to build a socialist project, both realistic and rational" according to G-S of the Socialist Party, Mohamed Kilani.
The vote shows there is no credible alternative within the Socialist party … this was not a foregone conclusion.
The Yemen Times spoke to Mohammad Ghalib Ahmed, the head of foreign relations for the Yemeni Socialist Party (YSP), shortly before the Houthis' announcement.
The Freedom Socialist Party in Seattle, Washington, wants a mandatory minimum wage of $20 per hour, plus union-type benefits, for all workers.
BUDAPEST, Hungary, Rabi'I 24, 1435, Jan 25, 2014, SPA -- Hungary's Socialist Party has chosen Attila Mesterhazy as the prime ministerial candidate of the alliance of five left-wing opposition parties for the upcoming parliamentary elections, according to AP.
April's elections in 1993 brought about the dominance of the three main parties: People General Congress , Yemeni Congregation for Reform and Yemeni Socialist Party.
DUBLIN North TD Clare Daly has resigned from the Socialist Party.
Summary: French President Francois Hollande's Socialist Party wins a solid majority in the the country's parliamentary elections.
One set of three recent polls conducted by Ifop, OpinionWay, and TNS Sofres indicate a bloc headed by the Socialist Party could control between 271 and 334 seats in the National Assembly, (http://www.
London, Dec 28 (ANI): David Beckham's proposed salary of 700,000 pounds a month to play in France has outraged the left-wing politicians in the country with MPs from the Socialist Party demanding for a law to cap such high salaries.
Summary: Paris - The French Socialist Party (opposition) welcomed, on Friday, with "interest" the Moroccan autonomy proposal for the Sahara, which should be "studied" by the parties and "not to be rejected out of hand.
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