Socialist Labor Party

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a political party in the United States

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From 1987 to 1990, Hussein was an MP for Egypt's Islamist-leaning Socialist Labor Party (SLP), established in 1978.
Kornfeld, an economic consultant to Israel's socialist Labor Party, doesn't object to socialist regimentation of Israel's economy; he would prefer that it follow a different set of priorities.
This story ranges from the radical Germans who nurtured the Socialist Labor Party, to the Bridgeport Irish who built the Knights of Labor in Chicago, to the Democratic party ward heelers who made the onetime Greenbacker, Carter Harrison, mayor in 1879.
Labor and Urban Politics begins by tracing class formation in Chicago after the Civil War, and then it moves rapidly to explore the rise of the Knights of Labor and the Socialist Labor Party, the impact exerted on labour politics by Irish workers, the emergence of a political bargaining relationship between the city's unions and the Democratic Mayor Carter Harrison, the political impact of the upheavals of 1877 and 1886, the decline of the Knights and the rise of the trade unions, and finally, the emergence of a new liberalism and a new cross-class political coalition by the late 1880s and 1890s.
The book provides, as one would expect, in a popular writers' series, a brief chronology of Mack Reynolds's life, including numerous insights explaining his transition from Socialist Labor Party activist to science fiction author.
A Russian emigrant, Hammer pere was a doctor, a businessman, and a devoted member of Daniel DeLeon's Socialist Labor Party, a forerunner of the American Communist Party.
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