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the belief in a gradual transition from capitalism to socialism by democratic means

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Mullin translates documents connected to the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party that were written during a period of the Party's history characterized by two important internal political conflicts, the second of which led to a split in the Party that is often regarded as the starting point of the opposition between Bolshevism and Menshevism.
Following the 2010 elections, five parties were elected to Zhogorku Kenesha, four of which - the Social-Democratic Party, Ata Meken, Respublika and Ar Namys - formed a coalition with the Ata Zhurt party in opposition.
Its decision was not only based on the disastrous economic situation but also by the fact that the post- WWI German government was social-democratic.
Sweden's Prime Minister indicated that the conditions and procedures for participation in EMU would be decided at an extraordinary meeting of the social-democratic party on March 10 to 12 in Stockholm.
Now leader of a small opposition social-democratic party, Ecevit knows a lot about those liaisons.
But in this they differ little from market liberals like Selyunin, or from the Republican Party of Russia, which descended from a social-democratic faction in the old Communist Party but evolved into a party with a quasi-libertarian platform.
When Bohl ponders the fate of modernism and the final destiny of its ideals, he has at the back of his mind, say, certain carpets with Josef Albers--like squares produced by IKEA, the home-furnishings store from the land that remains the standard-bearer for the welfare state, a treasure trove of social-democratic interior decoration.
In particular, the archbishop criticized the family policy pursued by the federal Social-Democratic government of Gerhard Schroder, which he said, is the same as that "practised in the former German Democratic Republic.
Denmark's Social-Democratic Prime Minister, Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, announced on August 13 that his party will take a decision on the Euro at its congress in September 2000.
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