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the belief in a gradual transition from capitalism to socialism by democratic means

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Geoana was also kicked out of the Social-Democrat party, with influential honorary party president and former Romanian president Ion Iliescu - showing no signs of failing memory despite his advancing age - exacting his revenge on the upstart who took over as party president following the Social-Democrats' defeat in the 2004 elections.
Parliament must change and social-democrats must be a role model of what the lawmakers should be," Atambayev said.
Although at the beginning of the summer, SDSM began with gatherings which were attended by intellectuals and analysts and frequent meetings with citizens were announced, the social-democrats seem to have changed their direction.
Social-democrats EDEK party/Ecologists and Environmentalists Party 8%-11%
The liberal-democrats are slowly taking over the social-democrats on the political scene.
In March 2006 there will be one in Rhineland-Palatinate, up to now dominated by the Social-Democrats, and one in Baden-Wurttemberg, so far largely dominated by the Christian Democrats.
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