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any of various services designed to aid the poor and aged and to increase the welfare of children

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The camping demanding the immediate and unconditional release of Munther , it was supported by huge number of social workers and human rights organization in world wide.
The Local Government Association (LGA), in partnership with central government and with the support of the Government Equalities Office, is launching its Return to Social Work programme which will look to retrain social workers for both adults and children who have left the profession.
A total of 16 social workers at the Sharjah Social Services Department (SSSD) were granted judicial powers by the Ministry of Justice for quick intervention in cases of maltreatment, abuse and negligence of children.
As corporations adapt to these new developments, I believe they will actively seek out professional social workers, much as the health care system has done.
Bernadette Johansen and Rob Mitchell have been nominated for the Principal Social Worker of the Year prize and have been invited to an awards ceremony in London, in November.
A typical proclamation begins with the acknowledgement that school social workers in that state and across the United States serve as vital members of the educational team.
The new measures follow the publication in February of Sir Martin Narey's review into the education of social workers, which recommended greater rigour in training, a sharper focus on practical skills and places for only the best students.
As they both had severe learning difficulties, I tried to help them and the baby but eventually I had to consult social workers who promised to look into it.
A survey of social workers revealed that half of them felt concerned about dealing with online sexual abuse or behaviour, while more than two thirds of social workers felt they needed more support with child protection cases involving online abuse.
The local authority said it is now aiming to increase the pay to compete with neighbouring councils which offer higher wages for social workers.
Because social workers typically compete with allied professions for the same jobs, given an overlap with the types of clients served and services provided, NASW launched a public awareness campaign in mid-2000 called the National Social Work Public Education Campaign to increase public understanding of the social work profession and improve employment opportunities and remuneration for professional social workers (NASW, 2005).
State laws require social workers and other professionals to receive CE to stay abreast of new developments and maintain a high standard of care.
By the end of 2015, licensed social workers will total 500,000, and another 950,000 will be added during 2016-2020," Minister of Civil Affairs Li Liguo told Xinhua, citing the long-term plan (2011-2020) for developing a national social work system.
Although there is evidence that social workers gain considerable enjoyment and satisfaction from their work, they tend to report higher levels of stress, fatigue and burnout than many other occupational groups.
Social workers simply want to help students deal with issues directly
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