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a government that undertakes responsibility for the welfare of its citizens through programs in public health and public housing and pensions and unemployment compensation etc

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He further stated that we won't be able to realize the dream of Quaid of making Pakistan an Islamic Social Welfare State if we do not check our population growth.
The social welfare state as well as the recognition of social rights are still weak in America and also contributed to the crisis in Detroit, according to the UN official.
The huge scandal is that there is a scheme, at the state level, to liquidate what has remained of the social welfare state, its employees, its system and public employment terms," Gharib added, vowing to stand firm on the UCC's demands.
e introduction of free health care was the rst brick laid on the road to the social welfare state," wrote Smith in the Guardian.
But three years into the crisis Europe seems to have bitten the bullet and found a path to reforms that could allow the eurozone to maintain its social welfare state, albeit modified.
citizens, absent a condition in which their party controls both the White House and the Congress, gridlock is better than compromising and reaching a budget deal that contains non-preferred policies/programs, including liberal / social welfare state policies.
The Social Welfare State, beyond Ideology" (October 16, 2006).
Unfortunately, instead of building the country as a social welfare state our ruling elite preferred to make it a national security state whose requirements are totally opposed to those of a social welfare state.
Rule of law is fundamental requirement to establish social welfare state.
In spite of their different backgrounds and markedly different sensibilities, the two share a common thesis: contemporary Canada, the social welfare state, is not the fulfillment of an older Canadian ethos but its perversion, and a perversion--though established for more than half a century--that is coming to an end.
We are not going to sit back and cow down like a social welfare state.
In the course of verbally sparring with Simon Greer and his Jewish Funds for Justice, Fox News host Glenn Beck argued that Greer's support for such Communist policies as progressive taxation and some modicum of a social welfare state followed Nazi logic; in response to a petition against him, Beck implied that he believes the Jews killed Jesus.
The expanding social welfare state is the product of the culture of polyamory, and it is increasingly hostile to the culture of monogamy.
Cohn, a lecturer at the University of New York in Prague, states that the deeply held tradition of the European social welfare state serves as a bulwark against excessive state corporatism.
The "oil fund", invested in international stocks and bonds and designed to finance the generous social welfare state the day the wells run dry, was worth 277 billion euros (395 billion dollars) at the end of June.
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