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governmental provision of economic assistance to persons in need

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The deterioration in the economic conditions of virtually all European countries and populations has had significant implications for social welfare provisions, since, although increasing numbers of people are unemployed or otherwise in need of welfare and social services, most countries have been attempting to reduce spending either on the services normally provided by the (local and central) state (e.
Is it not the case that Scandinavian nations such as Norway, which have similar populations to Scotland and comparable natural resources, enjoy sustainable prosperity, some of the best social welfare provision in the world and have highly- equitable societies?
The state has used the community sector to absorb the consequences of the socio-economic changes, that is, as a more "flexible" form of social welfare provision than a unionized, bureaucratic state.
According to Susan Pederson's comparative study, the distinguishing feature of France's history of social welfare provision is that 44 percent of its married women were already employed in the 1920s, when man y of its most generous policies were inaugurated.
The first principle is that social welfare provision should prevent poverty.
AUSTRALIA'S SOCIAL welfare provision is often categorized as occupying a special stratum outside the usual categorization of welfare states as either social-democratic, corporatist, or residual.
Such trends entail reconfiguring the former welfare state to 'create and develop welfare markets, that is social welfare provision operated by market actors' (Bode 2009: 162, emphasis in original).
Given the anticipated total tax take will be between EUR32billion and EUR35billion, this level of commitment by the Government to social welfare provision is unparalleled and unprecedented in the history of the state.
Minority rights were specifically mentioned in relation to social welfare provision and local management of institutions.
For old-age pensions as for other social welfare benefits, the timing, nature, and extent of social welfare provision is determined by the relative power of those who want the benefit and those who oppose it.
I am led to the conclusion that social welfare provisions.
With about two-thirds of employed Saudis working for the government, a significant proportion of expenditure will be on salaries and social welfare provisions, and it is anticipated that the government will use its vast reserves to prevent growth in unemployment and to preserve the confidence of investors, it added.
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