social stratification

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the condition of being arranged in social strata or classes within a group

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Being of the same privileged social stratum and a fellow A-student is of no consequence in Steven Byrd's hopeless infatuation with the desirable Avery Adams.
I believe that bilateral ties should be based on honesty and transparency and youths are the most important social stratum showing these two features in their behavior," Hariri added.
Dissatisfaction with current policies is running through every social stratum," commented Dr Ulrich Reinhardt of the Hamburg-based Stiftung fur Zukunftsfragen (Foundation for Future Studies) upon presenting the survey's findings.
A sociologist based in Hiroshima, Aoki analyzes men living apart from their families--day laborers, homeless, and foreign workers--and their work and social stratum in the urban nodal space where they meet each other.
Moreover, liberals readily concede that liberal institutions cannot be successfully imposed on just any preexisting social stratum.
This is the only way we will ever see the ruling class, for instance, a social stratum that largely disappears from this study.
The answer has to be yes, not so much for his personal achievement, which was relatively minor, but for his representativeness of the lifestyle of a social stratum that in the later '60s and through the '70s infiltrated Britain--for good or ill--far beyond the upholstered Mayfair and dropout Morocco of Fraser's immediate world.
Baker tolerates the members of its lowest social stratum as long as their poverty and tackiness are invisible, and it's there that chicken farmer John Kaltenbrunner comes of age as many mythic heroes do, with the promise of high birth giving way to early orphaning and banishment.
In prison, I conceived how to set up extensive private organizations in various social stratum and carry out resistance activities among the people.
It shines despite all the efforts of that grabbing social stratum to bleed it white.
To demonstrate these hypotheses, the book is divided into three main chapters, each dealing with a particular social stratum.