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Synonyms for stigmatise

to accuse or condemn or openly or formally or brand as disgraceful

mark with a stigma or stigmata


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Khadija Ali, a lawyer, speaking on the occasion, said the year 2017 was an important year for transgender movement in Pakistan as there was increased recognition of their rights, however, the situation of violence, discrimination and social stigmas remained unchanged.
Because of social stigma, many cases present late to the hospitals.
Social stigma and embarrassment have hindered women from reporting such crimes and the actual number of victims is predicted to be much higher, Bader Al Salhi, the head of the National Centre of Information Technology, said.
It has shifted the sense of responsibility once to be owned by the parents to the state machinery and thus the cultural traits of self-respect, egoistic considerations and social stigma associated to this breaking has been completely struck with enlighten.
That is why we need to continue to dispel social stigmas and encourage as many people as possible from all over the emirate to take advantage of the free screenings we are offering.
Commenting on why some addicts choose to go abroad for treatment, he said, "There are several reasons behind seeking medical care overseas such as social stigma, more privacy, fear of being accused, and avoiding a waiting list.
Through a preliminary study examining HIV testing access and health-based decisionmaking in urban, transgender populations, Juarez found that social stigma, as well as a lack of affordability, keep many transgender people from pursuing needed care.
The social stigma associated with head lice continues to be perceived as a major barrier to reducing its spread.
They should not care about the social stigma attached with some professions.
SHAKESPEARE may be partly to blame for the social stigma associated with disfiguring skin conditions, say experts.
Health Ministry Smoking Cessation Programme co-ordinator Dr Maha Mokla told the GDN that one of the reasons for the increase over the past two decades has been a decrease in the social stigma associated with smoking as families started to accept their daughters taking up smoking.
But even though so many people are affected, there is still a strong social stigma attached to mental ill health, and people can experience discrimination in many aspects of their lives.
As 20 percent of Qataris have mental disorders and only a very few ask for medical treatment due to social stigma, Qatar has announced a National Mental Health Strategy to address issues relate to the mental health of its people.
Depicting the fragile relationship between a 40-year-old femme and a 19-year-old lad, and how they hold on to each other despite a severe social stigma, Ahn taps into a wellspring of emotions with a fine eye and an exquisitely feminine sensibility.
Of special note are three final chapters devoted to coping with social stigma and behavioral and cognitive interventions for reducing prejudice.