social stratification

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the condition of being arranged in social strata or classes within a group

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BEIRUT: Judges across Lebanon went on strike Thursday to protest changes to their salaries and benefits, which they say will reduce their social standing and threaten their independence.
her low social standing isn't helped when a video leaks of her acting out a sexual fantasy with a mannequin.
The power of any decision maker in Abu Dhabi depends on his of her political and social standing, which in turn reflects the following factors: (a) the person's relation to the main groups in the Nahyan family, (b) the tribal background, (c) the family's wealth, and (d) the educational or career background.
She said participants would come from different parts of the region, regardless of religion and social standing.
Mandela's greatest gift has been to ensure that South Africans, irrespective of race and social standing, are at peace with themselves and their identity.
He paid a posthumous tribute to Shaikh Ahmed bin Khalaf Al Asfoor, hailing his prolific record of religious and judicial achievements and social standing.
Coventry has a proud reputation of championing equal rights and welcoming people from all over the world regardless of creed, colour or social standing.
Money and social standing One reason is that people don't care about how much money they have per se, but care more about the social position that their income gives them.
Growing in all parameters for the past ten editions, the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon has now become the focal rallying point for the city of Mumbai because it espouses causes and values that touch every citizen, whatever the age group and regardless of their financial status and social standing.
Approaching the issue from this perspective, the author argues, suggests that economists should move away from the idea of "homo economicus" to the notion of "homo reciprocans," where victims are more concerned about social standing and social balance than they are about their material self-interest.
Information about debtors (age, sex, social standing measured by income, average amount of income, entire amount owed) was obtained from the Insolvency Register.
The problem defined as a fear of one's social standing or how one is perceived among peers, and a need to frequently know what's happening and what other people are doing.
Maybe someone with a high social standing and the necessary influence should enlist Mr Crane in a national campaign to protect this view?
Their risque affair not only threatens his career but his social standing and reputation.
Social pensions can help older people gain access to health care, and enhance their status and social standing," said S.