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social welfare program in the U.S.

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Amendments to legislation currently going through Parliament would create a new Scottish Commission on Social Security that would independently scrutinise the new social security system and ensure it lives up to expectations, according to Social Security Minister Jeane Freeman.
She added: "We are together engaged in a complex, complicated task - ensuring that we build a rights-based social security system for Scotland that not only delivers the 11 devolved benefits safely and securely but does so true to the principles we have set out and works effectively alongside the UK system.
During the workshop, the Social Security Cooperation of Jordan reiterated its commitment to provide technical assistance to establish a Palestinian social security system and train tripartite partners.
According to the Philippine Embassy in Sweden, the objectives of a social security agreement between two countries include ensuring that nationals from either of state party are free from duplicate social security obligations when they work and live in the other party's territory; that equal treatment is given to workers from the other country party as to the own nationals of the host country in the provision of relevant social security benefits; that relevant benefits can be exported by nationals who work/live in the other country party; that periods of working/living in the other country party can be totalized and counted into the creditable social security periods; and that mutual assistance and information exchange can flow easily between the two countries' social security systems.
Even a cursory look at the contents of the Islamic ideology indicates that the Quran and the Sunnah have dealt in depth with every aspect of social security system in order to make man's life valuable and dignified.
The French social security system covers various occupations under different social security schemes.
The German social security system covers a large proportion of the population, and plays a significant role in the country's employee benefits market
He went on to argue that the application of automatic mechanisms made the social security system less dependent on ad hoc political decisions and it also enhanced predictability.
Turkey allocates one of the largest sums of Treasury funds to the social security system.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Officials of the Social Security System (SSS) of the Philippines successfully concluded the San Francisco leg of their outreach activities in the United States on Saturday, October 12, at the Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco.
The present economic turmoil has shown that the social security system in the UK and Europe is not affordable in its present form and must urgently be restructured.
Cutting the payroll tax is so popular that there's reason to worry whether Congress ever will muster the will to let it return to its former level, and what the consequences will be for the Social Security system.
The current social security system -- encompassing old-age pensions, and health and nursing care -- is becoming nonviable due to the aging of society and other changes in the nation's social fabric.
Sable presents a new innovative approach as to how to reform our income tax and social security system.
We have no illusions that $70 million is going to make any real difference in the federal budget, never mind enhance the longtime fiscal stability of the Social Security system.
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