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New Delhi: Amid reports of secret formation of a panel by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government at the Centre with an aim to "rewrite" Indian history in favour of Hindus, historians, academicians and social scientists have expressed their concern over it.
To effectively engage policymakers in the research process, social scientists should be present in relevant networks and sites with a view of soaking up the policy sphere.
Mohammad Mujtaba Shaikh, Assistant Professor at Mehran University and the workshop resource person, said that the scope of SPSS has been widened and now this statistical package was not limited to the social scientists but it was for all who could use the tool in research.
This is a problem that social scientists are well familiar with, not only for values but also for attitudes.
Introduction to Python for Social Scientists, in association with the Royal Statistical Society
He highlights the role social scientists played in shaping the cultural framework of the battle space and how they contributed to military leaders' knowledge to ensure mission success.
Interpretative strategies ought to likewise be considered alongside the factual models and that Social Scientists need attention to worldwide patterns.
We will simultaneously address the interdisciplinary entanglements that arise in all these contexts, which involve scientists, engineers, social scientists, philosophers, lawyers and sometimes even artists and designers.
The tender soldier of the book's title is Paula Loyd, one member of a human terrain team that was deployed to Afghanistan 2008, and whom the author says was one of the best qualified social scientists working on such a team.
He lamented that in the current affair shows in all television channels of Pakistan hardly any social scientist was invited to suggest academic solutions to the problems being faced by the nation.
When social scientists make statements like "I expect mean A to be bigger than means B and C" or "I expect that the relation between Y and both X1 and X2 is positive," they are formulating their expectations in terms of inequality constraints among the parameters in which they are interested.
It was piloted on 12 social scientists with the purpose to ascertain reliability of the data collection instrument.
In the end, the positive working relationship generated practical suggestions that other military staff and social scientists may find valuable when integrating HTS teams into a unit's staff and MDMP.
The Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Social Affairs aim to strengthen the role of social scientists in Shariah courts in order to step up efforts to reconcile between disputing family members before they seek out a court decision," the minister said commenting on the importance of the MoU.
Relying on meticulously researched archives and recorded interviews, Zachary Schrag documents the labyrinthian history of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) oversight system that invokes controversies as "empirical evidence" of the untrustworthiness of social scientists.
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