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a guarantee of professional or financial security

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a large strong net to catch circus acrobats who fall or jump from a trapeze

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The Forum s agenda is designed to promote knowledge sharing through a range of learning methods: on one hand, plenary presentations will explore issues around urban institutional and financing arrangements, operational issues, and ways to connect social safety nets to urban labor markets, basic social services, and urban development agendas.
All countries that wish to have an effective social safety net must use its legal system and adopt mandatory regulations that guarantee social protection for its citizens from societal risks.
The Chairperson said BISP, being one of the top five social safety nets in terms of targeting, had launched a pilot phase of re-survey, aiming to become number one.
BISP since its inception has emerged as one of the best social safety nets in the world catering to the 5.
According to the World Bank, the 4Ps has grown into one of the largest and best-targeted social safety net programs in the world, with 82 percent of the benefits going to the bottom 40 percent of the country's population.
The World Bank-supported conditional cash transfer (CCT) program "Pantawid Pamilya" in the Philippines is now considered one of the world's most effective social safety net measures.
Therefore, the social safety net should not be targeted.
The logic seems to be that mothers intuitively know how to care for their childrenand in the cases of economically disadvantaged single mothers, to use the social safety net system to make sure they leverage every public dollar that's coming to thembut mendon't.
of Strathclyde, Scotland) promote a vision of a universal, world-wide social safety net guaranteeing a minimum standard of living for every person on the planet and consider different approaches for achieving such a goal, including wealth redistribution from higher wealth countries to lower wealth countries, largely domestic programs for those countries able to afford it, rural public works for providing self-targeting and employment guarantees, and micro-credit programs run by non-governmental organizations, among others.
This study dig out to answer two different but correlated question ; firstly, what is the role of Social Safety Net (SSN) measures in targeting the poverty for a developing country like Pakistan.
Launched in 2009 to improve the administration of public pension schemes and pilot a modest programme to provide a social safety net to the most vulnerable people, the Safety Nets and Pensions Support Project has made steady progress.
Yet the purview of "Arbeidstid" (Work Time) is not just joblessness and the erosion of the social safety net but also the transformation of work into entertainment, lifestyle, and identity project that marks today's information economies.
Social safety net programmes are either provided by the government, or aid donor agencies, or by the private sector (NGOs, private firms, charities, and informal household transfers).
The Government forgets that a strong social safety net supports job-seeking, mobility, aspiration and independence.
The report urged Latvia to improve its social safety net to help people avoid the risk of falling into poverty.
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