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gossip spread by spoken communication

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modern dance craft and the social resonance of his psychological
Discussions of children can be used to shine light on authors' views of the future, of human nature, of sacramental grace, of cultural essentials--the ways they wanted to use the child's image and what they have thought its social resonance would be.
His account of varied political connections on Siam's fringes is an important contribution to a more comprehensive understanding of shifting upland-lowland relations in the context of nation-building, and can also serve as a test of the social resonance of the Siamese proto-ethnography that Thongchai describes.
Drawing heavily on recent anthropological work on these ancient but imperiled survivals from the pre-industrial, pre-scientific era, Scott builds a generally cogent case for their social resonance and ecological sustainability.
Previous causal analyses of crime cycles are replaced by chaotic systems analyses, where the systems are societies construed as sets of pairs of human beings ensconced within national borders, producing unpredictable chaotic behavior wherever responsiveness (or compassion) provide a social resonance that produces the characteristic constrained periodic phenomena of chaotic motion.
But there is no denying the splendid wealth of literary, artistic, and performative depictions of the magi, nor their social resonance.
Blinkered by ideological projections, and lacking a rigorous formalist definition of rock as music, they're unable to distinguish between rock and pop (a pejorative in Carducci's universe); they appraise music as though its essence resided in songs, storytelling, and emotional and social resonance.
Harnessing the formal and social resonances of the avant-garde, Pousttchi's works seek to overcome the static nature of sculpture by activating the surrounding space to effect a dynamic play between interior and exterior (notice the ways in which the solid, helix-like exoskeletons render transparent the internal cavities of their structures) while participating in a broader dialogue about sculpture's historical relationship to monumentality and its place within the social sphere.
1) Looking in detail at the evolving religious and social resonances of agrarian connection to the land through the analysis of a variety of pamphlet material, Scott charts the evolving language of husbandry and its deployment as social and moral commentary in the Shakespearean canon and beyond.
By recovering what Appaduri calls the "social lives" of things, by recovering the social resonances of the bed in early modern culture, Roberts ably delivers a fresh take on Shakespeare's plays.
Without knowing what Kurnakov wrote in Russian, and what the possible social resonances of his Russian words were, we can't make a reliable judgment on that matter.
Far from "dropping the Semites," at his accession, the Monarch's increasing patronage reinforced the social resonances of the "Great Jews," as they were known.