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a relation between living organisms (especially between people)

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Given the contrast with humans, whose social relationships help reduce other stresses in life, does this study have any relevance to us?
Where obstacles exist which hinder our ability to mentalise and which restrict our capacity to exchange information about our face (therefore about us as persons), social relationships are hampered and our ability to reach interpretations as to whether it is appropriate to engage in communication or a relationship is limited.
The results point to the fact that social relationships start having an impact on health early in life, and those effects extend to later in life.
From the view of Brown and Reingen (1987), very limited researches are available on the impacts of social relationships on evaluation of information, except for fundamental researches that are done in social relationships that refer to the impact of behavior on oral advertisements.
He added that the ability to establish social relationships and to navigate the social world was not secondary to a more general cognitive capacity for intellectual function, but that it may be the other way around and intelligence might originate from the central role of relationships in human life and therefore might be tied to social and emotional capacities.
Singapore, Mar 31, 2014 - (ACN Newswire) - To broaden access for users in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, HootSuite, the world's most widely used social relationship platform, is introducing a refreshed set of Chinese app integrations in its App Directory: Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo, as well as Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo Analytics by Klarity.
Today, HootSuite has more than 8 million users in nearly every country around the world who use HootSuite's secure, social relationship platform for social media management, social marketing, social customer service, and social selling.
We quantify the social relationships of mobile nodes with different DFs by proposing a CDOP (Community Detection based on Optimal Path) algorithm based on a directed and weighted network.
Psychologists and social and behavioral science researchers from the US first provide an overview of the pathways linking social relationships with health outcomes and research on the health outcomes associated with giving and receiving social support, then address the health impact of spousal-type relationships and affectionate touch; loss due to separation, divorce, or widowhood; and the dyadic processes of health behavior and emotion regulation in romantic couples.
SAN DIEGO--A higher proportion of youth with epilepsy reports bouts of loneliness and problems in social relationships compared with their healthy peers, results from a large Norwegian study showed.
Political differences and conflicting loyalties have considerably affected social relationships among people.
It's the limit to the number of people we can keep regular social relationships with.
The quality and quantity of an individuals social relationships has been linked not only to better mental health but also to lower morbidity and mortality, BBC reported.
Respondents rate the extent to which each of four statements describe how their social relationships are currently supplying each of the provisions using 4-point scales (from completely true to not at all true).
One article, "Feline Fear and Anxiety," notes that cats can have satisfactory social relationships with other cats--if they can socialize outdoors--but strictly indoor cats can have trouble coping with," novel stimuli and intraspecific social relationships"