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a relation between living organisms (especially between people)

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While the intervention of the British and colonial states was directed at deepening capitalist social relations over the first century of 'settlement', it was not until almost a hundred years after the First Fleet landed that wage labour became predominant over other forms of labour--mirrored by the decline of squatting and leasehold access to pastoral and farming tracts.
Attracting the Heart: Social Relations and the Aesthetics of Emotion in Sri Lankan Monastic Culture.
But there are two strands of giving, Falk said, one designed to equalize social differences with those who have more sharing with those who have less and the other more a reciprocal exchange that builds social relations.
Hence, he aims to elucidate the post-authoritarian sense of fluid identities appearing within diverse social relations mediated through popular culture.
Summary: Emirates General Petroleum Corporation "Emarat" organized its annual iftar function for its service stations staff in order to enhance the social relations and the interaction .
The father of four explained how social relations even within the same family are going through hard times, Aoeven though we attend Eid prayers at the nearby mosque, slaughter sheep and distribute it, and visit relatives and friends but it is all done with no sense of togetherness, sharing and caring.
Damascus, (SANA)- Prime Minister Mohammed Naji Otri on Thursday reviewed with Secretary-General of the Arab Union of Railways Mourhaf Sabouni and members of the Board role of the railway transport in developing economic and social relations among the Arab countries.
A brief, tidy book, Betrayals is a welcome glimpse into a largely neglected area of social relations.
Asinaria reveals Roman social relations of thousands of years ago a s revolving around many types of slavery: to sex, money, family structure, social standing, masculinity, partying, lies and idiocy.
Instead of political, economic and social forces causing this transformation of Northwestern Europe, the beginnings of "modernization," Hartman argues that it was a new pattern of social relations that established the necessary preconditions for these broader changes (31, 33).
Karl Polanyi expressed the position well when he wrote that a "natural order" is one in which the economy is embedded in social relations, rather than one in which social relations are embedded in the economic system, making society a mere adjunct to the market.
For the 219-piece Revolucion, 2004, shown here, he sifted through a wide span of '60s-era documents: This cornucopia of found footage ranges from Fidel Castro's takeover of Cuba to the student uprisings of 1968 by way of seductive film posters of Marilyn Monroe, statistics of industrial production, scenes of striking workers, and caricatures of US imperialism: an iconography of social relations, politics in the mirror of the mass media.
In fact, her discussions of these social categories are developed in a dialectic where cultural influences are shown to shape personal identities, and individual identifications serve to influence social relations.
However, several students reported that their social relations with group members improved in the cooperative learning environment.