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an aloof refusal to speak to someone you know

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USA], Sep 09 ( ANI ): You may want to avoid saying sorry when making a social rejection, as according to a recent study, it could only worsen things.
According to the method set out by Dandeneau and Baldwin (2004) when using a dot-probe task, we selected social rejection and nonsocial negative words to represent social threat and nonsocial negative cues.
Multilevel regression models were employed to investigate whether affect (PA, NA), implicit self-esteem, and salivary cortisol levels changed from before to after exposure to the social rejection stressor.
Studies of MHL and social rejection suggest that inaccurate recognition and false beliefs about schizophrenia raise social distance toward those suffering from this disorder (Link, Phelan, Bresnahan, Stueve, & Pescosolido, 1999; Papadopoulos, Leavey, & Vincent, 2002; Taskin et al.
The way we smell can have an impact on our psychological wellbeing: smelling bad can lead to social rejection and lower self-esteem.
They unfortunately also reflect the social rejection experienced not only by Cain himself but by his son.
More than half of the girl students had to face social rejection owing to PMS.
The yearning to be socially accepted and stay away from social rejection is widely attributed as a central human incentive.
Social media came with its "pro-and-cons", said the musician, indicating that the process of importing diverse musical styles to Kuwait came along with a package of somewhat controversial imagery that led to some social rejection.
Further, 92(74%) participants were worried about financial uncertainty, while 84(67%) had regrets over loss of their voice; patients worried about losing family support and facing social rejection were 23(18%) and 15(12%) respectively.
Edgar, full of his fear of social rejection, Tchaikovsky fighting against his homosexuality, Schumann and Rachmaninov with their terrible mental problems and Beethoven with his increasing deafness all produced unforgettable music.
OPRM1 gene: People with a variation of this gene are more sensitive to social rejection and the emotional impact of relationship breakdown.
I also know that chronic social rejection hurts even more.
The social acceptance of a comparatively optimistic outlook has not been found to differ from that of a neutral outlook; and there was no obvious evidence of greater social acceptance of comparative optimism but there was rather a tendency for social rejection of comparative pessimism per se.
Unlike some Western churches that slowly accepted female ordination, theological arguments and social rejection have relegated Muslim women to the inferior position of silent worshipers.