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Synonyms for outcast

Synonyms for outcast

excluded from a society


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A teenage social outcast is asked to join a rock band and compete in a school competition.
Tired of being a social outcast, she plans to throw the perfect birthday party to win the respect of her peers.
THE teenager who shot dead eight students and staff in a Finnish school was a social outcast who was bullied, police said.
Security guard Koistinen (Janne Hyytiainen) is a social outcast, drifting through life without making any connections.
In this day and age, admitting that you like a bit of junk food once in a while can make you feel like a social outcast.
Margaret was a social outcast even before Jackson's election and her sudden marriage to his most trusted adviser ruffled the feathers of more stately cabinet wives.
In my culture, being exclusively or passively gay makes a man a social outcast.
They hitch a lift from Runi (Johan Dalsgaard), a fisherman who is a social outcast and traveling the country on unstated business.
He is engaged to Ernestina Freeman, a conventional, wealthy woman, but he breaks off the engagement after a series of clandestine trysts with the beautiful, mysterious Sarah Woodruff, a social outcast known locally as the forsaken lover of a French lieutenant.
Nataraja is simultaneously the wise teacher and the itinerant mendicant, the archetypal social outcast, per forming the tango of anarchy that those outside the confines of acceptable behavior inevitably shadow-dance.
Wednesday, E4, 8pm Shia LaBeouf plays Sam Witwicky, a stereotypical nerd and social outcast who buys a car that turns out to be a robot.
Fiercely outspoken Minny Jackson (Octavia Spencer), renowned for her chocolate pies, loses her job as Hilly's maid and finds employment instead with social outcast Celia Foote (Jessica Chastain).
A social outcast with two friends--a buddy forever tormented by a school bully and a "scrawny Indian kid" who "talks like a rapper"--Chuck suffers with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).