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Synonyms for mores

Synonyms for mores

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(sociology) the conventions that embody the fundamental values of a group

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Blending Norbert Elias's interest on the spread of social mores with class analysis, Kalb shows how values become shared across classes.
And that's just for starters in this dark, comic exercise in political incorrectness and exploding sexual and social mores.
Main character is less the dramatic focus than a viewfinder for a look at upper-middle-class social mores in late colonial Ceylon.
The Uniform Code of Military Justice will be revised to reflect social mores and the reality of human sexuality.
The youth affairs official said there was a clash in social mores, which was largely a generational one, not connected with politics or ethnicity.
Malik pays particular attention to the shifting agendas of the rulers, describing relations between Muslim and Hindu as experienced overtly in political and military events as well as in more subtle ways, for example, in architecture, trade, and social mores.
To be in with a chance of winning a copy of Human, just answer the following question:Human nature is a fascinating subject: how we work and live together, our social mores, our customs.
In Boy,Collen again challenges the stifling of life through the misapplication of religious and social mores.
The central conflict, however, is black and white, as Kristen and Kwame ignore the town's social mores to be together.
There are a number of reasons usually given for this: Hollywood was losing its older audience and was unsure how to capture the new, baby boomer crowd; since World War II, foreign art films and a growing American underground movement had been influencing a new generation of filmmakers; there was a significant lessening of film censorship and loosening of social mores, allowing for exploration of new themes in more explicit ways; and an America disenchanted due to Vietnam and Watergate was ready for more serious fare (this last explanation seems less convincing than the others).
In politics, social mores, economics and education there is a post- colonialist angst evident in the daily news.
Mather will be monitoring some of the more embarrassing moments in human relationships, while Etherington-Smith, editor of the Arts Review and celebrated for her social mores, oversees etiquette, culinary finesse and table manners.
Baker uses laughter mingled with the absolute pathos of that great debacle as the vehicle to confront and challenge the social mores that command u s to genuflect before the very gods of war; or should that be dogs.
Malory challenges her puritanism by asking if Huck Finn is immoral to disobey the social mores of his time by helping Jim.