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anything generally known to everyone

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Through Declara's social knowledge platform, the public can also powerfully -- and directly -- engage with the Red Cross mission and humanitarian services.
Other researchers have associated SMM with knowledge shared among individuals or groups: shared knowledge structures (Richards, 2001); shared social knowledge structures (Swaab et al, 2002); and shared previous knowledge (Madhavan; Groover, 1998).
com)-- Companies and organizations are slowly waking up to the enormous value that enterprise social knowledge networking can unlock.
Haccar said they presented Erdogan with the title of honorary doctorate due to his "contribution to humanity with humane and social knowledge.
Eventually, the media should perform its essential duty, which is to spread political, economic and social knowledge among the maximum number of people so as to enable them to make proper choices and claim their rights.
And although the perception of social stimuli depends on how they are categorized and interpreted by the subject, how the information is organized, selected and simplified, mental structures necessary to build social knowledge are considered easier to access than which are necessary to build physical knowledge, as these students learn from the experience.
The next article ("Access to Tacit Knowledge by Executive Retention in Cross-border Acquisitions ", by John Child, Roberto Duarte, Betania Tanure and Suzana Rodrigues) examines a phenomenon pertaining to international acquisitions: how to get access to the technical and social knowledge of the local environment that acquired company executives possess.
In this manner, Manson recounts the Guerreros initiation ritual of George Caster, an Aleyo (in Lucumi language this signifies a serious religious student), who, through the performing of initiation rites, transgresses his own conception of the individual body as he connects his body with lived experiences grounded on Santeria's social knowledge.
The aim of this study is to empirically investigate the relationships between network structures and social knowledge building in an asynchronous writing environment through discussion forums in a learning management system.
bolstering Arab children's historical and social knowledge.
Part II briefly discusses how better social knowledge can change
If you remove these older individuals, you're going to have a much bigger impact than you realize because they're repositories of ecological knowledge and also of social knowledge," McComb says.
Presto enables non-technical business users to create and manage KnowledgeNets, which are social knowledge networks tied to a specific business objective.
The accumulation of social knowledge brought with it new dilemmas.
These analyses have suggested that people expand their social knowledge through narratives, allowing them to learn about how society deals with things from marriage to murder.
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