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Synonyms for isolation

Synonyms for isolation

the act or process of isolating

the quality or state of being alone

Synonyms for isolation

a feeling of being disliked and alone

the act of isolating something


(psychiatry) a defense mechanism in which memory of an unacceptable act or impulse is separated from the emotion originally associated with it

a country's withdrawal from international politics

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NHWP CHAIRMANTINA Gibson said:"We're delighted that this latest round of funding has been delivered to the Day Opportunities Fund, allowing it to continue supporting some of the very important work which is taking place within our communities aimed at addressing social isolation.
Felix Gitonga (left), a Kenyan mechanical engineer based in Dubai, is another avid user and believes that social media has brought people closer and is a way to reduce social isolation.
The team observed that in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster, social isolation leads to sleep loss, which in turn leads to cellular stress and the activation of a defense mechanism called the unfolded protein response (UPR).
No One Eats Alone is a lunchtime school event that seeks to reverse the trends of social Isolation by asking students to engage in a simple act of kindness at lunch--making sure that no one is eating alone and students are making an effort to eat with new classmates and peers, according to Information from Beyond Differences.
Researchers also said that frequent users, people who visited social media sites 58 times per week or more, were three times more likely to report feelings of social isolation than people who visited fewer than nine times per week.
The high rates of limited English proficiency among Asian seniors contribute to increased social isolation.
Researchers examined data from 23 studies involving a total of more than 181,000 people that examined the link between social isolation and cardiovascular events.
Is disengagement automatic or even probable when you are facing social isolation and/or loneliness?
What I heard reminded me about how social isolation, combined with some of today's dominant cultural myths, affect people locally and nationwide.
New research shows that loneliness and social isolation are even more of a threat to longevity than obesity--and that isolation is a risk factor for all ages and incomes.
Scientists have linked social isolation to health consequences such as reduced tolerance to pain, greater risk for heart attack, high blood pressure, and stroke, as well as sleep and eating disorders, depression, and dementia.
Therefore, using the internet and membership in social networks causes social and cultural damage to the society; this disrupts the interactions and communications among the people in a society, so studying the basic aspects of the social damage, especially social isolation among the internet users can help us gain a correct and right understanding of the growth and the use of information and communication technologies.
The goal of the Club 21 project was to address the issue of social isolation experienced by people with mental illness.
PS15,000 has been made available, and bids up to PS500 are invited for projects focusing on reducing social isolation, improving road safety, and reducing the impact of welfare reforms.
Inspiring Events works to prevent social isolation caused by Government cuts on people with disabilities and autism spectrum conditions.
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