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But equality does not entail the right to redefine marriage: we are all equal vis-a-vis the social institution of marriage.
Like the social changes that accompanied industrialization, changes in social institutions characterize the current Information Age.
Its result will be new forms of social disorder, particularly the assault on the social institution of marriage.
Taking the example of England and Wales not only offers the advantages of dealing with a social institution developing over a long period of time, but gives ample opportunity to explore the interconnections between the policy and the transformations simultaneously going on in society at large.
Also, the same-sex "marriage" syndrome, if it prevails, will bring about a further weakening of marriage as a social institution as it has already done in Scandinavia (Files from Lifesite News, Globe, Star, National Post).
Marriage is a social institution that is grounded in a personal love and commitment that subsumes the biological, which, in turn, includes the physiological, procreative, and immuno-logical dimensions of the human being.
Since it is a social institution, it must serve a social purpose, which, in this case, is procreation.
Should you also see fit to address the concerns of (these) adult interdependent relationships, we ask you to do so in a way that respects their human dignity but does not radically redefine or thus void the vital and irreplaceable social institution of marriage.
The sexual culture has not been tamed but has dramatically subverted a venerable social institution.
Goldman demonstrates Stalin and the Communist Party's complete reversal on these issues in 1936 as they restored the traditional family unit as the primary social institution.
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