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Those 650 million rubles, which now allocate the federal budget for the development of social infrastructure, are coming into play.
The support came as part of Commercial Bank's "commitment to be within Qatar's community and social infrastructure through its corporate social responsibility programmes", the bank said in a press statement.
New Delhi [India], August 11 ( ANI ): Although India is emerging as knowledge -based economy, poised for double digit growth, Volume II of the Economic Survey 2016-17 realeased on Friday urges the need to strengthen social infrastructure by investing in health and education.
With such high appreciation rates in the locality and state of art social infrastructure, it is your one stop for your needs.
The term social infrastructure is so much more diverse today than it has ever been before.
The company's services will include a full-spectrum of professional PMCM activities, with expertise in supporting all phases of the project lifecycle for social infrastructure projects, according to Jacobs.
Zobel said during the press briefing after the meeting that these investments in social infrastructure would make a 'visible' impact on AC financial performance after 2020.
Social infrastructure, remittances, industrialisation and population density have been taken as determinants of HDI and NIHDI.
Bas Distinguished Visiting Architecture Fellowship, transmuting infrastructure, conversations with Douglas Durst and Bjarke Ingels, social infrastructure in Denmark and the U.
The strongest disdain appears to be for the key social infrastructure sectors of health, women and child development, drinking water and sanitation, and education.
It also provides for the building and equipment of two juxtaposed border checkpoints and the development of social infrastructure such as schools, health centres and bus stations.
It will return to near full capacity with a number of megaprojects in the pipelines and the ramping up of social infrastructure spend, it said.
The UAE's construction market is expected to return to near full capacity with a number of megaprojects in the pipeline and the ramping up of social infrastructure spend, according to the EC Harris' 2014 International Focus on the UAE report.
Governor of Batken region Jenish Razakov got acquainted with the works to improve the social infrastructure of local schools under the support of UNICEF and UNDP.
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